· May 17, 2016

Tools for CDA/CCD?

I have a tool I absolutely love for HL7 v2 analysis and manipulation. It's called 7edit.  I'm wondering if there is anything similar for HL7v3/CDA/CCD.  I know it is considerably more complex, but I still have hope.

So far the best resource I've found is  I'd love to hear anyone else's tips for tools or resources.

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Hi Scott,

It really depends on the analysis you're trying to do. If you want to analyze structure; my tool of choice is Oxygen XML Editor with the CDA R2 schemas loaded in for structure validation; you can do the same with Altova XMLSpy and other similar products. If you want to do semantic validation; really the only tools that come close to that are the validators like NIST, Lantana, etc. but those barely scratch the surface.

Semantic validation of CDA documents is one of the more challenging aspects of the standard.