Yep, it's because of the hierarchical design of the tags dropdown, which is a bad idea in general. 

  • Interoperability
    • Web Services
  • Web Development
    • Web Services

This gives us two tags:


The preferred usage for this would be to tag a post with both tags to provide the necessary context.

 Interoperability  Web Services 


Web Development   Web Services

But it should be a single Web Services tag.

It's about more than function.  Question and Article are pretty specific and I feel like many things won't fall into those categories.  Here are a couple examples:

What is your favorite public cloud provider and why? (Discussion)

Development teams and namespaces (Discussion)

Getting my head around a class model (Discussion)

2015.1.4 maintenance release now available (Announcement)

Alert: Incorrect SQL Results (Announcement)

And honestly I'm generally not interested in articles, nor do I have time to read them.  It would be cool to just view all questions or all discussions.  So that's one functional reason.

I don't know if this message is new, but under the disabled name fields there is a line that says "Your first and last names will be displayed to other users in posts, code packages, or comments you make. These values are set via the portal."

For starters, the http version of that site does not work.  However, if you go to you will get the portal but there is no spot I could find to change your name.  In TRC and CCR apps I can change my "Display Name" but it does not seem to affect other apps including this site.