I finally found it.

WHERE Types = 'Repository'

But the table is empty in the HSREG namespace, which is where I need the data.  So I can't do a JOIN and I have to manually cross reference.  :(

At least it's only 15 or so...

Yep, it's because of the hierarchical design of the tags dropdown, which is a bad idea in general. 

  • Interoperability
    • Web Services
  • Web Development
    • Web Services

This gives us two tags:

  1. https://community.intersystems.com/tags/web-services
  2. https://community.intersystems.com/tags/web-services-0

The preferred usage for this would be to tag a post with both tags to provide the necessary context.

 Interoperability  Web Services 


Web Development   Web Services

But it should be a single Web Services tag.

I definitely log in with an ISC account and I definitely get logged out frequently.

For what it's worth.

CKEditor was the best back in my PHPNuke days.  However, after a glance at the code, that's what this is...

I think some of these issues may be an implementation problem.  Sorry.

edit: The whole "backspace loses focus" thing isn't a problem in the demo page at least: http://ckeditor.com/features

Yes, the notifications still need a lot of work.  This is one of the biggest issues.

I'm stupid, I hadn't even tried the examples I used above.  <!-- comment --> seems to work fine!