· Apr 21, 2016

[bug] cached invalid credentials ("Only lowercase letters allowed")

I tried logging into to view a video.  My browser auto filled the login form.  The username, the same one I use here and on many other ISC sites, is "sbeeson_MHCX".  Now I have a message that says "Only lowercase letters allowed" and any time I visit the login form it just shows the same message.  I cannot get back to the form.

I could obviously use an incognito window or clear my cache, but this needs to be fixed.

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I think this was a caution for anyone changing their username, since it's shared across InterSystems' sites/applications.

IIRC you use CCR (Change Control Record). The username change may prevent you from using the version control integration in that application. It might be good to ensure that it's still working, or at least to make a note that if it doesn't work, you'll need to change the username back (and then probably log out and back in again for the change to take effect in CCR).

Others may not be impacted as much.