I have a list of about 100 MPI IDs that I would like to run a report on.  I want to list times that any data for these patients were accessed.  Currently in "Managed Reports" we have a "Disclosure Report" which I think was a custom development effort, but it is per-patient.

I have a SQL query for the ATNA log but I'm not confident in its accuracy, so I thought I'd reach out and see how other Information Exchange's might get this data.

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I experience this constantly with Cache SQL.  Especially when querying the ATNA log.


SELECT TOP 400000 * FROM HS_IHE_ATNA_Repository.Aggregation ORDER BY ID DESC


That took 12 seconds.  I then upped the number to 500,000 and it took 185 seconds.


Shouldn't the execution time scale proportionately?


If I run the 500,00 query again it takes 2.4 seconds.

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I need to do an UPDATE via SQL and I would like the statement to return the `ID` column of each row that is updated.  MS SQL has an "OUTPUT" statement, but I don't see anything similar in Cache.  Is there a way to do this?

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I'm doing some Schema changes.  I used our existing standard schema as a base, which was already based on 2.3.  So let's call our existing one Custom.MHC.Schema (based on 2.3).  I created Custom.MHC.Schema.Advanced (based on Custom.MHC.Schema) and copied down one of the code tables then made a change to it.

When I ran a message through, the code table change didn't show up.  I noticed in the message viewer that the DocType is still Custom.MHC.Schema:ADT_A01 but the DocType Category is Custom.MHC.Schema.Advanced.

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