· Apr 27, 2016

Documentation for transforms/mappings?

I was planning to fully map out all the transforms that incoming CCDs go through before they are displayed in the Clinical Viewer or sent back to another facility.  When I opened the XSL files, I see some very good comments like the following:


            Field : Patient Name
            Target: HS.SDA3.Patient Name
            Target: /Container/Patient/Name
            Source: /ClinicalDocument/recordTarget/patientRole/patient/name
            StructuredMappingRef: ContactName
        <xsl:apply-templates select="hl7:patient/hl7:name" mode="ContactName"/>


This leads me to believe it was automatically generated or that there may be some generated documentation somewhere.  If so, where can I find it?

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That isn't automatically generated - it's used as a source to generate the SDA/CDA annotations.  From any edge gateway namespace, in the management portal, select the Schema Documentation menu item.  You this lets you browse the transforms.  Once you have identified an SDA property, the class documentation points out what table/column that maps to in the viewer cache.


If you are on a system with an Edge, the SDA Annotations will tell you how our standard transforms map fields between SDA and other document formats. 

Management Portal/HealthShare/pick an Edge/Schema Documentation/SDA-CDA Annotations

You have to enter a field and a target document format, then you get the documentation for that specific field. Is this what you're looking for? 

Thanks - Deirdre

Code sample for looping by creating new instance of the object in DTL


I am trying to use data transformation (DTL) to map a JSON to SDA. My elements in the source JSON is not one to one with SDA object. That means I have to add code to loop through these objects in order to complete the mapping. Can someone send me a sample that can look to create that? I am not very comfortable with scripting language used in Health Share. Appreciate your help.