Scott Beeson · Jun 21, 2016

HIE Dashboard, where should I start? (without DeepSee)

If I wanted to build a web-based dashboard that monitored various HIE transactions where would I start?

Examples of measures would be Provide & Registers by Facility, Patient Views by facility or even PHR related data.

I have a successful POC that uses nodejs, html and SQL but I think it makes more sense to use Intersystems technology all the way around, I just don't know where to begin.

CSP for the web piece I assume?  How would I access the data, for instance all P&R requests on the BUS?  Any other tips or starting points?  Maybe examples of a similar project?


We do not have a DeepSee license

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Use DeepSee - Intersystems analytics technology. It can be embedded in transactional systems to enable users to make decisions based on real-time analysis of structured and unstructured data.

There's a sample Patients cube in samples namespace.

Here's how it can look for end user.

I meant to, and should have, mentioned that we don't have a DeepSee license. 

If you are familiar (proficent) with ZEN use ZEN Mojo.

If not, write HTML/JS/CSS client and REST server.

That said, DeepSee would definitely be an easier solution to implement and more robust overall.

I thought Mojo was targeted at mobile devices.  If not, what is the difference between Zen and Zen mojo?

Zen Mojo is a set of classes that enable you to create web pages, suitable for either mobile devices or desktops.

ZEN Mojo is a new and improved ZEN.

Hi Scott,

As far as I'm aware, you do not need a license to use the DeepSee User Portal, as long as you don't need to use DeepSee Cubes, or DeepSee Queries (which needs to be licensed).

So if the information you want to present in a DeepSee User Portal type dashboard, can be sought directly via SQL Queries, etc - you can use iether:

(a) Ensemble DeepSee Dashboards (receiving data from Business Metric classes). See 


(b) DeepSee Dashboards based on KPI Class which are designed to use only SQL to extract a result set.


Of course if you want more control over the UI, then go down the ZEN, ZEN Mojo, etc route.