Hi, Community!

Recently we announced Developer Community Meetup in Cambridge, MA. Let me describe what is it. 

Meetup it's a one evening event where you can enjoy some sessions by presenters (today InterSystems engineers, tomorrow you can be a presenter) and chat with local developers and InterSystems developers, engineers and product managers (depends on who is in town) and discuss your problems, experience, and success with InterSystems technologies.

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Evgeny Shvarov · May 16, 2017
Developer Community Meetups

Hi, Community!

We are starting  InterSystems Developer Community meetups:  events to discuss InterSystems technology in person.

This would be 2-3 hours evening events to meet and discuss the best practices, new features, share experience regarding implementation of InterSystems technologies and products.

Besides free discussion and networking there would be 3-4 sessions delivered by InterSystems engineers. Local partners are very welcome to participate as speakers too!

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For the first time, InterSystems Global Summit is being held in September – September 10-13th, 2017.  
And it’s being held at a new venue, the beautiful JW Marriott Desert Palms in Palm Springs, CA.     

Global Summit 2017 will have the Solution Developer Conference, Healthcare Leadership Conference (by invitation only), and Technology Leadership Conference (by invitation only).

Visit www.intersystems.com/summit17 for Summit pricing and hotel information.  

Online registration and agendas will be coming soon.

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