· Mar 25, 2021

Webinar: InterSystems IRIS & the industry 4.0 roadmap - Smart Factory Starter Pack

Hey Developers,

We're pleased to invite you to the upcoming webinar in English called "InterSystems IRIS & the industry 4.0 roadmap - Smart Factory Starter Pack"!

🗓 Date & time: March 31, 02:00 PM CEST

🗣 Speakers:

Manufacturing organizations today are rapidly transforming their existing factories into “smart factories.” In a smart factory, data from Operational Technologies (OT) systems and real-time signals from the shop floor are combined with enterprise IT and analytics applications. This enables manufacturers to improve quality and efficiency, respond faster to events, and predict and avoid problems before they occur, among many other benefits. 

In this webinar, we discuss the 5 maturity levels towards Industry 4.0 from a data-driven point of view and how the IRIS and the Smart Factory Starter Pack are helping manufacturers at each level:

  • Data Collection: Easy connections to many different types of sources
  • Data Unification: Clean data, data management, bridging the OT/IT gap, …
  • Data Exploration: Variety of tools, connectivity (!), translytical database, …
  • Operationalization: Minimize operator overhead & errors, two-way connections (ERP, MES, order flow), flexible & easy to use database, …
  • Industry 4.0: Modelling production processes & equipment, predicting quality & performance, continuous improvement cycle

Discover how IRIS and the Smart Factory Starter Pack empower manufacturers in their smart factory initiatives. 

Note: The language of the webinar is English. 


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