· Jun 17, 2021

Webinar in Spanish: Interoperability in FHIR

Hi Community,

We're pleased to invite you to the upcoming webinar in Spanish called "Interoperability in FHIR"!

Date & Time: June 23, 4:00 PM (CEST)

Speaker: @Ricardo Paiva, Sales Engineer, InterSystems Iberia

How can FHIR coexist and integrate with other protocols?

During the webinar, we will start from an existing FHIR server and see how to integrate it with different data producers and consumers. We will also have a look  at the tools that InterSystems IRIS for Health allows to navigate various protocols and show various facades of a repository. And some other interesting things!

Note: the language of the webinar is Spanish.

We are waiting for you! Please register here >>

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