I need to offer new users on our system a temporary password that is valid for only 48 hours.  This is different than a 60-day password expiration window for existing users' passwords (where a password needs to be changed every 60 days), and is different than a "user expiration date", where you can set a date where the user's account expires and is disabled on that date, and different than the inactivity expiration date where a user becomes active if his account is not used within, say, 30 days.  

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I was running the %File:FileSet class query, with my development user, but I am unable to run this query for an application user.  Does anyone know what resource or service is needed to run this query?  Assume the user has access to a certain directory on the file system needed for the query.

On second though, having tried almost all the available resources and services, perhaps the user doesn't have access to the directory.  How to tell when the error is this: 

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Hello; We are managing several Ensemble instances on several servers.  One server has 4 instances, and two other servers have one instance each (those are production servers).  We encrypt all instances using the Caché encryption in the management portal.


Currently we are using two different encryption keys: 1 key on the server with 4 instances, which is used for all 4 instances, and a second key on single-instance server. ( I'm installing the newest production server now.)


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I'm trying to write an installer manifest that can create a namespace, resources (%DB_namespace) and a role (with the resource, above), based on the namespace.  So you could pass in "ABC", or "XYZ", and it would create the %DB_ABC resource and the ABC role with %DB_ABC:RW permissions; or it will create the %DB_XYZ resource and the XYZ role with %DB_XYZ:RW permissions, accordingly.

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I have a <tablePane> element with OnCreateResultSet and OnExecuteResultSet methods; autoExecute is "false" but the OnCreateResultSet and OnExecuteResultSet methods are nevertheless called on page load.

I want the user to be able to press a button to submit the parameters, then have this button call tablePane.executeQuery() to execute the query.

autoExecute is simply igonored.  We're on 2014.1.3 with plans to upgrade to 2016 soon.

Are there more settings I need to set? Or is this attribute simply ignored?

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My boss would like to change the Ensemble logo that one sees in the mangement portal, because it's part of the DeepSee Anaylzer.  


I can see where it lives on the generated html.  

I kow that you can set the logo for the User POrtal settings in DeepSee -- you can specifiy a URL for your logo.  But we'd like to go one stee further and change the Ensemble by InterSystems to our own logo / company name.  

Is it possible to change this in the code?  Is there a Configuration setting to change this?



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I have a query string that I am creating programmatically, based on some user inputs.  The user might search on 5 fields, or 8 fields, or no fields.

In my sql statment, some of these fields require parameters in the %Execute statement.

For example:

if user picks lastname, sql = "select * from person where lastname = ?"

if user also picks age, sql = "select * from person where lastname=? and age > ?"

I then have these lines of code to create my result set:

set statement = %SQL.Statement


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I'm trying to recreate a smaller copy of our DEV machine on a sandbox instance.  I installed a new instance, and thought it would be a good idea to copy over a few cache.dat files from the critical namespaces (but not all of them), and start from there.

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