· Aug 1, 2017

How to change the Ensemble by InterSystems logo?

My boss would like to change the Ensemble logo that one sees in the mangement portal, because it's part of the DeepSee Anaylzer.  


I can see where it lives on the generated html.  

I kow that you can set the logo for the User POrtal settings in DeepSee -- you can specifiy a URL for your logo.  But we'd like to go one stee further and change the Ensemble by InterSystems to our own logo / company name.  

Is it possible to change this in the code?  Is there a Configuration setting to change this?



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I can't believe how much I look forward to these discussions.  Unfortunately, there is no EnsembleLogo* anywhere in the InterSystems directory.  

It almost looks like it's simple text, made to look like a logo using CSS. This is from the page source:


<div class="portalLogoBox">
 <div class="portalLogo" title="Powered by Zen">Ensemble</div>
 <div class="portalLogoSub">by InterSystems</div>


The class portalLogoBox must do all that CSS/html stuff to make it look cool.  I was wondering if I can change the text from Ensemble to something else.

 If the user is in the DeepSee Analyzer, it will say DeepSee by InterSystems instead, but with similar CSS modifications.

I figured out why  he wants to do this; we have a few "portal" users who have accss to all of the clients' namespaces.  For a demo, they will go into the DeepSee UserPortal, then exit to the management portal to switch namespaces, then go back in to the DeepSee user portal.  THe DeepSee user portal has settings where you can change the logo that is displayed (what are those classes?  I need to be able to change them programmatically rather than manually 50 times!) but when the portal users go back to the management portal, our company logo is lost; instead the lovely Ensemble by InterSystems (Powered by Zen) is there.  I personally think IS should get the credit, but my boss is wondering if we can change it for the purposes of these demos.


If not, that's OK; but now I'm simply curious.