Hello there @Mohamed Haneeq,

Welcome to DC and hope you are building a great application in order to use a product of my company InterSystems. 

Well, answering to your question,

Cache and IRIS are indeed the same but IRIS happens to be a better version of Cache. 

It was Cache that was introduced 1st and then came IRIS which is more reliable and powerful compared to Cache. 

I would suggest that you use IRIS for your purpose and if you need to know how to download and use IRIS I have published an article on it. You may please take a look at it and I will also leave the link for you.

I hope that I have answered your question and hope that my article is useful for you my friend. 

Thank You so much. 

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Hello @Kevin Johnson, 

In order for you to go up the ladder of the Global Masters you need to be a member 1st, which I believe you already are and which is why you are asking this. 

If you are not a member already please do Join it so that you can get more benefits. 

Please refer to the below link for more details.

Thank You @Kurro Lopez for sharing that link. 

Good Day every one. 

Hello @Kevin Johnson,

Answering to your question, 

Yes, You are correct. Both are the same and has no difference. The only difference is that the way they have named it. 

Both are the same. 

#Good Day.

Hi @Timothy Leavitt 

Thank You so much for this quick restoration. 

The great News is that it works fine and I got it downloaded. 

Thank You so much once again. 

Hello @Dmitriy Maslennikov 

Thank you for this but then unfortunately I tried both ways and it does not work. I tried it on other browsers as well but i had no luck with it. 

Hi @Kevin Johnson 
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If I am not wrong I believe that we have to go to our relevant post-> edit it-> and then click on unpublish. 

And also answering to the (what article can be published?) i believe it has to be content that is relevant to the Developer Community and the clients and not anything that is Internal / any article related to the Internal Activities are not allowed to be published. 

That is what I was told. 

Hope that this will help you and hope I have answered to your question. 

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