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Hello there @Mohamed Haneeq,

Welcome to DC and hope you are building a great application in order to use a product of my company InterSystems. 

Well, answering to your question,

Cache and IRIS are indeed the same but IRIS happens to be a better version of Cache. 

It was Cache that was introduced 1st and then came IRIS which is more reliable and powerful compared to Cache. 

I would suggest that you use IRIS for your purpose and if you need to know how to download and use IRIS I have published an article on it. You may please take a look at it and I will also leave the link for you.

I hope that I have answered your question and hope that my article is useful for you my friend. 

Thank You so much. 

Regards and Good Day.

Hello @Kevin Johnson, 

In order for you to go up the ladder of the Global Masters you need to be a member 1st, which I believe you already are and which is why you are asking this. 

If you are not a member already please do Join it so that you can get more benefits. 

Please refer to the below link for more details.

Thank You @Kurro Lopez for sharing that link. 

Good Day every one. 

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