Hi Community, 

All of you have been very helpful to me with the recent questions that I posted. 

I seek your assistance with another as well please. 

I do know that we can invite some one / a developer who is interested to join the DC via Global Masters. 

But, is there any other alternative way or a short link that we can share with then so that they can join the DC and also at the same time become a referral of ours unlike the long way that we take to invite via the Global Maters application?

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Azezur Rahman · Oct 16, 2020
What is CSPSystem?

Hello Community,

On the installation process of the IRIS Community Edition I came across an interface as below (image attached.)

I would like to know what it means, what is the use of it, what it is and where can i know more on this? 

I tried the documentation page but was not successful in finding anything regarding it. 

I would like to know more on it please. 

Hoping to hear soon. 



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Azezur Rahman · Oct 16, 2020
IRIS Download issue.

Hello there community, 

As I am interested in taking part in the  Full Stack Development for IRIS, I tried to download the Software and get hands on experience with it. 

The registration went well, but unfortunately I only got a mail with regard to the download but the Software did not get downloaded. 

I need the help of you experts please. 

Am I doing something wrong or did I just miss some thing or some steps in between these that needs to be fulfilled? 

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Azezur Rahman · Oct 15, 2020
What is the IRIS Contest?

Hello developers, 

I am a rookie and came across a lot of interesting insights about the IRIS Contest. 

I want to know if I can be a part of it as well?

What is actually done in it and how it works? 

I would like to know all details about this contest? 

Please enlighten and guide me on how it is done and what we have to do in order to win a contest of this nature. 

Hoping to hear soon. 



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