Azezur Rahman · Oct 16, 2020

What is CSPSystem?

Hello Community,

On the installation process of the IRIS Community Edition I came across an interface as below (image attached.)

I would like to know what it means, what is the use of it, what it is and where can i know more on this? 

I tried the documentation page but was not successful in finding anything regarding it. 

I would like to know more on it please. 

Hoping to hear soon. 



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During the installation process a stripped-down version of the apache  web server will be installed too (to serve the management portal and for test purposes). This is the CSP-System (CSP means CacheServerPages). Enter a password, you will need it rarly or almost never.

Hello Azezur,

Info on the CSPSystem user can be found in a few places in the docs, like here:

Predefined User Accounts

"Default account representing the Web Gateway when it connects to InterSystems IRIS via Instance Authentication for Normal and Locked-down instances. InterSystems recommends that you change the password for this account from its initial value prior to going into production."