Kevin Johnson · Sep 10, 2020

Is InterSystems Global Masters and InterSystems Global Masters Gamification Platform the same?

Hello there Community, 

I am so pumped and curious about this platform. 

The more I search about it, the more deeper it goes just as the maze. 

I followed the following link and  it took me to a page where i learnt more on what Global Masters is and also more about the Advocate Hub. 

But then I came across an very confusing this named as the Global Masters Gamification Platform. 

I was denied permission when i tried to access it. (Screen Shot has been attached.)

Well, my question is, are both the Global Masters and Global Masters Gamification Platform the same or are they two different platforms ?

If they are different I would like to know on how to gain access to it as well. 

Hoping to hear soon from you all. 


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Hi Kevin, thank you for your question. Global Masters and Global Masters Gamification Platform are the same. 
@Timothy Leavitt thank you! The link was broken indeed  - already fixed it 👌 Good day to all!

Hello @Kevin Johnson,

Answering to your question, 

Yes, You are correct. Both are the same and has no difference. The only difference is that the way they have named it. 

Both are the same. 

#Good Day.