· Oct 15, 2020

Article Content

Hello there,

I am new to the developer community and i intend on writing a new article.

I have a few ideas on what to write but i need to know specifically what kind of content it has to be? 

I do not want to update content that is not valid and waste the time. 

Please let me know what kind of content am I allowed to post as it will be very helpful for this purpose.

Also if i post something and want to remove it i need to know how i could delete / remove what I have posted, or should I inform the relevant authorities if any on instances as such. 

Hoping to hear soon.

Thank You.


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Hi @Kevin Johnson 
Welcome to the Developer Community, 

If I am not wrong I believe that we have to go to our relevant post-> edit it-> and then click on unpublish. 

And also answering to the (what article can be published?) i believe it has to be content that is relevant to the Developer Community and the clients and not anything that is Internal / any article related to the Internal Activities are not allowed to be published. 

That is what I was told. 

Hope that this will help you and hope I have answered to your question. 

Thank You.  


The type of content that is most appreciated by members of the community are articles on some aspect of the technology (Cache, Ensemble, IRIS) or specific usage of the technology that you have worked with, have a good understanding of, maybe have learnt a few tips and tricks about the  using the technology that is not covered by the core product documentation. This is especially true when you happen to make use of one of the more obscure features of the technology in a development project you have worked on and maybe battled to get it to work, found the documentation to be lacking, found that there are few if any posts on the subject in past community posts and no examples  in the various samples supplied in the Cache/Ensemble/IRIS "Samples" namespace or the "Dev" directory in the ../intersystems/..../dev directory.

To give you an example, some years back I was working on a project where we were building a prototype Robot. I was writing the Ensemble component that would interface the outside world and translate those instructions into calls to a Java code base that controlled the motors and sensors and other mechanical components of the robot. The developer I was working with knew all of the Java stuff and I knew all the Ensemble stuff and to make the two technologies talk to each other we had to make use of the Java Gateway. We read the documentation. It seemed straight forward enough. I had had a lot of experience working with most of the Ensemble Adapters so I was expecting things to go smoothly.

But they didn't. We re-read the documentation. We looked at the examples, we asked questions in the Developer Community, we contacted WRC but still we could not get it to work. Eventually my colleague fond a combination of bits and pieces of the Java Gateway that he merged together and eventually we got the interface working.

To this day I still don't understand why the gateway did not work the way the documentation said it should. I don't exactly understand how the solution we eventually put in place that did work, worked.   

At the time we were still experimenting with the Java Gateway and realised that the documentation only took us so far, it would have been great if we had been able to find an article in the Developer Community written by someone who had used the Gateway, had found some specific things that needed to be setup correctly for it to work, included some code snippets in the article and so on. If I had found such an article and it helped us get our Gateway to work (we had struggled with it for 2 months, it should have taken 2 days to get it to work) I would have sent a bottle of our famous South African Artisan Gin and a large packet of the South African delicacy, "Biltong" (dried Beef, Kudu, Springbok, Ostrich meat) to that man as a thank you.

These days the focus is on IRIS and IRIS for Health. There is huge interest in  FHIR and the various interoperability options for IHE, PIX, PDQ,  HL7, Dicom, CDA and so on. 

I have been quite active on the DC for many years and since the Covid19 Lockdown I have had more time to answer questions and I too am thinking of articles, code solutions and such like that i can write up or package for the Open Exchange applications page. I have even got to the point where I have invested in some lighting gear and a tool called Doodly which allows you to create animated videos to explain concepts or processes to achieve a desired solution or outcome. I hope to start publishing some of these articles in the near future.

So I hope that these observations will encourage you to find good subject material to write up and publish