Scott Beeson · Jan 21, 2016

[SOLVED (KIND OF)] Missing something obvious trying to do a lookup in a method

So calling this lookup manually from the console works as expected:

PHR>set key = "WMMC_IMM"
PHR>w ##class(Ens.Util.FunctionSet).Lookup("BlockFeed",key)


However, calling it from a method with some concatination to build the key is giving me problems:

ClassMethod canSendToState(iParticipant As %String, iFeed As %String) As %Boolean
    set = iParticipant _ "_" _ iFeed
    w "Looking up " _ k,!
    set = ..Lookup("BlockFeed",k,"not found")
    w "x = " _ x,!


PHR>w ##class("Custom.MHC.Common.Functions").canSendToState("WMMC","IMM")
Looking up WMMC_IMM
x = not found


I really don't understand.  X should be 1 

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so I set iParticipant and iFeed manually in the console then literally pasted the contents of the method to the console and it works.


PHR>set iParticipant = "WMMC"
PHR>set iFeed = "IMM"
PHR>set k = iParticipant _ "_" _ iFeed
PHR>w "Looking up " _ k,!
Looking up WMMC_IMM
PHR>set x = ##class(Ens.Util.FunctionSet).Lookup("BlockFeed",k,"not found")
PHR>w "x = " _ x,!
x = 1

Can anyone explain why? 

Not sure what is going on here, as the code looks fine. What class do you extend from? The only difference I can spot is that your class method is calling ..Lookup, instead of ##class(Ens.Util.FunctionSet).Lookup

It extends Ens.Rule.FunctionSet and I'm doing a lookup with the same syntax in another method in the same class.  I'll keep poking it with a stick, there must be something obvious I'm missing.

It's unclear what's going on here, but it would be worth checking the .int version of the compiled class to see if there's anything unexpected (not sure what that might).  Also ensure that the latest version of your code is compiled, though I'm sure you've already done that.

Okay, here is the INT code for both:

Doesn't work:
zcanSendToState(s) public {
..Lookup("BlockFeed",s) }

Does work:
zmyLookup(s) public {
..Lookup("BlockFeed",s) }


I closed studio, reopened it, recompiled everything:

Okay I've simplified it greatly.  Here are two methods.  The first one is what's left of the original.  It DOES NOT WORK.  The second one DOES work.


ClassMethod canSendToState(s)
    set = ..Lookup("BlockFeed",s)
    q x

ClassMethod myLookup(s)
    q ..Lookup("BlockFeed",s)


Bah, I made them IDENTICAL and one still works the other doesn't.  Checking the INT source now...

I deleted the class and started from scratch.  Seems to be working.  Can I delete this disaster post?