Scott Beeson · Jan 14, 2016

Check config registry or lookup table from Ens.Rule.Definition?

I have a routing rule that processes messages from multiple customers. I would like to create some sort of flag or setting that I can toggle to indicate if a given customer is allowed to pass messages through the router. Should I use a registry entry, lookup table or something else? Which can be accessed from a routing rule and how?

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what type of messages are they? I guess since you are using a routing rule they are HL7 v2  or X12 messages, but perhaps not.

If you want to block or route a message based on a field in the message and you are dealing with more than a very small number of customers then I would use a lookup table as you suggest that maps customer identifiers to 0 or 1 so it is easy to reference them in a routing rule.

For a small number of customers that don't change, you could use an In(...) function but I am guessing that is not the case.

They are (mostly) HL7.  I think what I've decided to do based on your input and some others is write a custom utility function that extends Ens.Rule.FunctionSet and does all the lookups as necessary.

Thanks for the help!