InterSystems announces its third developer preview, as part of the developer preview program for the 2023.1 release. Many updates and enhancements have been added in 2023.1 and there are also brand-new capabilities, such as production-ready support for Columnar Storage, ability to use Bulk FHIR, and support to MacOS 13 Ventura. Some of these features or improvements may not be available in this current developer preview.

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InterSystems is pleased to announce the 2023.1 release of InterSystems IRIS Data Platform, InterSystems IRIS for Health, HealthShare Health Connect, and InterSystems IRIS Studio are now Generally Available (GA).

2023.1 is an Extended Maintenance (EM) release. Many updates and enhancements have been added in 2023.1.

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· Oct 21, 2016
Zen Mojo 1.1.2 released

I am happy to share the news that Zen Mojo 1.1.2 has been released. This release includes a critical fix for Firefox that we had to get out as fast as possible. No other changes are included to allow easy upgrades. We recommend upgrading to this release if you are running on Zen Mojo 1.1.1.

All upcoming Caché and Ensemble releases will ship with Zen Mojo 1.1.2.

You can download Zen Mojo kits from the WRC distribution page:

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This is the sixth in a series of releases that are part of the developer preview program for 2022.2 Future preview releases are expected to be updated biweekly and we will add features as they are ready. Many updates, fixes and enhancements have been added in 2022.2, in SQL management, cloud integration, Kafka and JMS adapters, the SQL Loader, and other areas.

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InterSystems announces another developer preview release, as part of the developer preview program for the 2022.3. Many updates and enhancements have been added in 2022.3 and there are also brand new capabilities, such as the new FHIR SQL Builder, improvements for Columnar Storage, and support to SUSE 15 SP4 and Oracle Linux 9. Some of these features or improvements may not be available in this current developer preview.

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Two extended maintenance releases of InterSystems IRIS, InterSystems IRIS for Health, and HealthShare Health Connect are now available.

✅ 2022.1.4

Release 2022.1.4 provides bug fixes for any of the previous 2022.1.x releases.

You can find the detailed change lists / upgrade checklists on these pages:

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On June 7th we'll be releasing two new views of content that will allow you to rapidly see what's new on the site as well as identify content that has gone unanswered. The next step for this (after this release) will be to add in personalization so that you can filter content based on your tag and member "following" preferences.

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InterSystems Official
· Apr 3, 2023
IAM 3.2 Release Announcement

IAM 3.2 Release

InterSystems API Manager (IAM) version 3.2.1 is now Generally Available. In additional to bug fixes and minor improvements IAM 3.2 adds new plug-ins that might be of interest to IRIS customers.

  • OAS Validation (oas-validation)
    • Validate HTTP requests and responses based on an OpenAPI 3.0 or Swagger API Specification.
  • SAML (saml)
    • Provides SAML v2.0 authentication and authorization between a service provider (Kong Gateway) and an identity provider (IdP).
  • XML Threat Protection (xml-threat-protection)
    • This new plugin allows you to reduce the risk of XML attacks by checking the structure of XML payloads. This validates maximum complexity (depth of the tree), maximum size of elements and attributes.
  • AppDynamics (app-dynamics)
    • Integrate Kong Gateway with the AppDynamics APM Platform.
  • JWE Decrypt (jwe-decrypt)
    • Allows you to decrypt an inbound token (JWE) in a request.

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· Apr 15, 2017
Member mentioning

Hi, Community!

With the recent release on Developer Community we have introduced member mentioning.

Now if you want to ping a member with email notification, just place in the post (or comment) following:


Once it is published, a member would get the email notification that he was mentioned in particular post/comment.

So, that's how I'm mentioning myself here: @Evgeny Shvarov.

Have a great weekend!

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