InterSystems Official
· Sep 2, 2022

Future updates for InterSystems IRIS, IRIS for Health 2022.2 Community Editions developer preview 7

In addition to the new supported platforms (Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and RHEL 9), Community Edition limits will soon be updated to:

  • Maximum cores: 20
  • Maximum connections: 8 

NOTE: These limits aren't available yet for the latest developer preview build 2022.2.0.322.0. It's expected to the Developer Preview 7, to be released by next week.

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After installing version 2022.2.0.322.0. 

License Type=Concurrent User
Platform=IRIS Community
Licensed Users=5
Licensed Cores=8
Authorized Cores=8
Extended feature codes=3A1F1B02
     Interoperability enabled.
     BI User enabled.
     BI Development enabled.
     HealthShare enabled.
     Analytics Run enabled.
     Analytics Analyzer enabled.
     Analytics Architect enabled.
     NLP enabled.
     HealthShare Foundation enabled.
     Analytics VR Format enabled.
     Analytics VR Data Define enabled.
     IntegratedML enabled.
     InterSystems IRIS enabled.
     Columnar Storage enabled.


  • Maximum cores: 20
  • Maximum connections: 8