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Hi Joseph!
Sorry for such delay, I experienced some issues with login in Community.

Such error in the console usually says that it can't parse some content in the specified file. As I see in the filename, your target build is ES2015 and problem in the build process of the code of 3rd-party libraries.  What I would try to do in this case is set property "target" in tsconfig.ts file to "es5", rebuild the app and see that problem will go or not. 

Another option you can try is to find out where exactly the problem is. You can click on the error in the console and it should show you the place in the code where code parsing/execution failed. Probably, then we will able to understand what went wrong.

Hi Joseph!

At first, may I ask you why do you like to migrate your project into a CSP app? I guess you want to use builtin CSP-authentication?

Now I go to Step (2). I defined my CSP application path "/my-app". Then in my "ng build" command, specify the --output-path to that CSP application physical directory. Then I modify every occurrence of the src import in index.html with the "/my-app/" prepended.

This is exactly what my answer was about. You should not modify src imports by hand but use --base-href option instead.

But the page is not loaded. It is not a 404. It is just a blank page.

Could you share the Console/Network tabs output from your browser's Developer Tools? It will help me to better understand what happens.

Why did you rename the files to .csp?

I only use it in the case when my app's files go through CSP-Gateway. There are some differences between how .csp and .html files served through CSP-Gateway.
Here's more info:

.html files will be served as static files with BOM that potentially can break your files if there is no BOM in them. Or you will need to additionally configure a web server to avoid it.

Why are you using ahead of time compilation?

It compiles (Angular-like components to actual HTML/JS code) Angular application before it actually served to the client. So the client doesn't need to spend time and resources to compile it each time (

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