Our client getting sometimes this error and we need to change port number on JavaGateway process to continue,

Failed to start the Gateway server: ERROR #5023: Remote Gateway Error: Communication failure on port: 5000
> ERROR #5001: External Language Server: invalid ping response

Can you tell as why it is happenning? intersystems runtime is under linux.

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Could any one tell me, how the index works in cache db, Consider for example, I have a table called "Employee" and the fields as "EMPID, EMPNAME, EMPAGE" and I am having index for EMPID as IDX_EMPID and trying to get the record using the following query as


and the table data be like


001 ABC 20

002 AAA 21

003 ABB 23

004 BBB 20

005 BDF 24

006 EEE 22

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Depuis ce matin j'arrive pas à compiler ou lancer mes programmes qui tourne en local sur docker avec l'image : intersystemsdc/irishealth-community:2024.1-zpm

J'ai toujours cette erreur sur le terminal ou le portal de management : request to http://localhost:52773/api/atelier/ failed, reason: socket hang up

Dans mes logs docker aussi j'ai des erreurs en conitnu , voici un extrait ...

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Hi all,

When passing on the content of a file in a REST API call, I need to put the original file name in an HTTP header. As it happens, some file names have non-8-bit characters in them ("å", "ö", and the like), and these arrive garbled on the other side. Does anybody know the correct way to encode them (assuming they should be encoded at all)?

$zconvert(filename, "O", "UTF8") does not appear to be it. I'm leaning towards $zconvert(filename, "O", "URL"), but leaning isn't good enough.


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Hi Team,

This is very urgent can you please guide me to convert the date string to ISO format.

set date = "20240501144800-0500"

set result = $SYSTEM.SQL.Functions.TOTIMESTAMP(date, "YYYYMMDDHHMISS")

write result -> 2024-05-01T16:49:00:00+00:00

so here timezone is dropped off but i need that.

expected result -> 2024-05-01T16:49:00-05:00

Please help me here how i can convert in this format.

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