Messages will contain fields with expressions like "REASON->Blood(1.23)" or "REASON->Bone(4.56)" or "REASON->Muscle Mass(7.89)". The word after the "->" can vary. I would like the outputs to be; "REASON(1.23)" or "REASON(4.56)" or "REASON(7.89)", basically removing "->" and the word or words that follow but leaving the parens and the numeric characters within.


Jonathan Harris

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Is there a command that will loop through the flat files of a given Linux/Unix folder? I can write the code to open and read each file. But the file names are unknown. I am looking for a way to access each file given a named Linux folder. The files have differing structures so a record map will not work.

Thank you for reading and thank you even more for answering!

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Hi Friends,

I have created one utility method to check given id exist some reference table or not. If exist the method return1 otherwise 0.

But some times the backed table data will be reload with another process (REST request) , on any point of time. This reload process max it will take 30 seconds.

My Requirement is , the utility method should wait , if table reload is in progress.

Could you give me any suggestion for this issue.



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