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Hello everyone,
After some work with IRIS we want to share our ToolBox-4-Iris with you.

What is this about?

The ToolBox-4-Iris is an API for IRIS with a collection of handy and useful tools - features that are not available in IRIS, but greatly simplify application development. To save time and effort on the "typical tools" that every developer needs. This includes additional classes, individual methods or even more efficient macros, which are described in the respective packages.


General ObjectScript macros, Status macros, National Language Support macros, and JavaScript macros.

Data Types
Additional dynamic data types for date, time, and timestamps including formatting, memory footprint, SQL and performance, and more.

Data Input and Output
Useful functions for working with files and directories including general file and directory functions, examining files or directories for existence or content, deleting files and directories, serializing object instances to/from JSON, and more.

Server-side Event Handling
Functionality that enables the development of applications which should react dynamically to system or data events. Although IRIS has process-based event handling, it has no ability to respond dynamically to system or data events (only through the implementation of triggers).
Including synchronous or asynchronous event handling by user process or event queue, synchronous or asynchronous use of system events, or handling of persisted data events.

Useful Utilities
Utilities including numerous calendar functions (leap year, calendar week, day of the week, holidays, etc.), a free formatting of date, time and timestamps, functions for executing operating system commands and some JSON utilities (for copying, checking, comparing, exporting, importing, reading, writing, etc.).

We are looking forward to your feedback - Thanks and enjoy using ToolBox-4-Iris

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