Robert Cemper · Jun 10, 2019 1m read

A more useFull Object Dump

During testing your code you are often confronted with the need to examine
the actual content of an object. Either using ZWRITE or $system.OBJ.Dump()
you get a picture of simple properties as "--- attribute values ---"
while "--- swizzled references ---" are more confusing than informative
and with "--- calculated references ---" you are just left in the lurch.


This small helper class Z.obj allows you to dump an object to terminal or
e.g in background to some stream for later review.
By default you see only properties with content,
         DO ##class(Z.obj).dumpToDevice(obj)
or if explicitly requested all properties.
        DO ##class(Z.obj).dumpToDevice(obj,1)
See it yourself:



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