On June 7th we'll be releasing two new views of content that will allow you to rapidly see what's new on the site as well as identify content that has gone unanswered. The next step for this (after this release) will be to add in personalization so that you can filter content based on your tag and member "following" preferences.

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Developer Community was refreshed on May 30th with the following new features and fixes:

1. Formatting of postings in My Collaborations and My Content has been improved

2. Browse by Tag now has filtering options for New, Highest Rated and Unanswered posts

3. Full paging is back on the home page

4. Browse by Tag now includes child tags. Example - posts tagged only with "MDX", which is a child tag of "DeepSee", will appear when using Browse by Tag and viewing DeepSee content

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· Apr 20, 2016 1m read
Feedback on Product Documentation?

We are in the process of putting a new UI on the existing product documentation, including a mobile-optimized view. We also plan on releasing additional "solution based" documentation that is targeted at common usage scenarios or important configuration tasks.

We are interested in your feedback on our current product documentation - what you like and dislike and especially what changes you would expect to see to make it as useful as possible.

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In this release we added new functionality that marks postings with either a "new" icon or an "unread" icon depending on when you came to the site last and the age of the postings.

Here are the rules as currently implemented:

- If a user hasn't viewed content which was posted less than 2 weeks ago, then the label "new" is displayed.

- If the user hasn't viewed content which was posted more than 2 weeks ago then the label "unread" is display.

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[DCE-96] - Show views counter for the post
[DCE-97] - Clean up My Collaborations and My Content
[DCE-108] - Remove Find Menu
[DCE-109] - Search page - fix Categories dropdown, remove internal naming
[DCE-110] - Add warning to comments, answers and posts when page is dirty and you move off-page
[DCE-111] - Developer Synchronization: Copy global-summit-2016 view

[DCE-93] - Post author and date messaging is wrong on Post Detail Page
[DCE-112] - Improve Tag Selection - Handle Special Characters

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