Developer Community March 15th Update - Other Release Notes

Here are a few other changes and updates coming in this release.

1. When making a new post, the Related Topics (tagging) is now required. We are doing this because we want to add more features to the site and need the content organized by tag for more granular navigation, cross-linking and page customization. We will create a posting in Developer Community Feedback so that tags can be discussed and we'd be happy to adjust what tags are available now. Free-form tagging and more advanced tagging techniques you may have seen on other sites is not yet implemented but we're looking into what options we have for this.

2. "Browse by Group" is now on the home page (right column), making it easier to view content by Group.

3. A new filter for "Unanswered" questions is available and will show you all content marked as "Question" that also has 0 Answers. This is useful for those community members wishing to help answer other member's questions. We will eventually also use this as a mechanism for displaying and reminding those people responsible for answering questions that there is work to be done.

A few notes about the "Questions vs. Articles"

All of the existing content created before this update will continue to operate as a "Article" style posting and therefore it will only have Comments associated with it. If the original author of the posting would like to convert their content to type "Question", simply Edit the posting and switch the Post Type to Question and save. As you would imagine there is not an easy way to accurately and programatically convert existing content to type Question.

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