Paul Gomez · Mar 24, 2016 1m read

Developer Community - March 25th Update

Here are the release notes for the release planned for Friday, March 25th.

[DCE-64] - Need breadcrumbs at top of post detail page (/post)
[DCE-71] - Developer Synchronization: Main page now filtering Feedback
[DCE-80] - Change ranking (relevancy) definition on the search results page
[DCE-87] - Need tag cloud page
[DCE-88] - Install AutoComplete Deluxe Module
[DCE-89] - Tag selection in New Post should work like JIRA's tag selection
[DCE-90] - Tag selection in New Post should auto-select group
[DCE-92] - Developer Synchronization: Email template modifications

[DCE-76] - Search results need to be formatted like other post listings
[DCE-81] - Author of "Answer" can't edit the answer in PROD
[DCE-82] - Create a New Post missing from /tags and /search page
[DCE-83] - Change "Join the Conversation" button to "Save" everywhere
[DCE-84] - Developer Synchronization: Default sort settings for home page
[DCE-85] - Answer notification email provides link to comment/answer, no way to get back to question/context
[DCE-86] - Save Draft permission needs to be set
[DCE-91] - Anonymous should not be able to add comments or answers. Now login links for anonymous users redirect to correct pages after login.

Note that the subscription emails have been completely revamped and improved. Much thanks to Ben Spead for his efforts on this.

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Thanks for the shout-out Paul!

I would like to clarify that subscription emails have been revamped for non-digest emails *only*.  In order to turn off Digest, you need to go to:

My Account > Subscriptions Tab > Expand "Settings" at the bottom and then uncheck "Digest mode"


The new email formatting isn't fully where we're like to see it yet (e.g. it is not HTML and it doesn't include full thread history) but I hope that people find that it makes consumption of updates via email significantly more useful than it was previously.  Personally - I can't wait to see this change go live!

This release is complete.

Please check out the new mechanism for tagging content and provide feedback here. One known issue is the handling of special characters in the autocomplete - "cache" is not highlighting "caché". This bug will be fixed in the next release.