Paul Gomez · May 31, 2016 1m read

Developer Community - May 30th Release Notes

Developer Community was refreshed on May 30th with the following new features and fixes:

1. Formatting of postings in My Collaborations and My Content has been improved

2. Browse by Tag now has filtering options for New, Highest Rated and Unanswered posts

3. Full paging is back on the home page

4. Browse by Tag now includes child tags. Example - posts tagged only with "MDX", which is a child tag of "DeepSee", will appear when using Browse by Tag and viewing DeepSee content

5. Browse by Member is now available. Content by member can be viewed from the list of members under "Browse by Member" on the home page or from the Connect | Members page by selecting "View Content"

6. Notification email template is now rendering in HTML

7. Bug: Paging on the "View by Group" page is broken

8. Bug: Сomments to Answers do not increase comments counter

The next build will feature two new views of content, including a "Compact View" and a consolidated "View by Tag" optimized for viewing content across the entire site.

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Looks like we now have HTML formatted digest emails. Was that new in the May 30 update?

Yes, sorry I missed that in the release notes and I will add that now. I had hoped for the "redesigned HTML email" feature to make it in but the timing wasn't right so we settled for just taking the existing template to HTML. We have some changes planned on this for the June 17th release pending completion of some higher-priority items.