Thanks for the feedback. We have a build coming out later this week and this bug should be fixed in the build after that one.

Thanks for the posting and for the input on the search. We'll get it fixed.

Thanks for the feedback. Sticky view selection is in the backlog to be done soon. 

Thanks for the feedback. I'll see what we can do with this.

Yes, sorry I missed that in the release notes and I will add that now. I had hoped for the "redesigned HTML email" feature to make it in but the timing wasn't right so we settled for just taking the existing template to HTML. We have some changes planned on this for the June 17th release pending completion of some higher-priority items.

Thanks for the posting. We will be entirely revamping the voting system in the upcoming weeks and moving to a "plus/minus" model.

We resolved an issue with the site not sending updates when Answers were provided. This fix had a side-effect of going back to old posts and triggering email. Sorry for this but it was a one-time event we didn't see in other environments.

We recognize there's a need for a class reference, so don't worry, it's not going away. The question is about functionality and completeness of the current class reference utility so there may be some refactoring in addition to changing the UI skin. There's some internal discussion about how it works and the way the information there is obtained. They'll be more on this in the next few weeks.

Mike - thanks for the comment. The stand-alone documentation is being reworked, first with a new UI and then with a new search engine. In the meantime you have two other options for searching documentation that didn't exist a few months ago, or were not that effective.

1. Use Google - we've cleaned up (most) of the old documentation references and fed Google's crawlers what they need to index the documentation properly. Example: ensemble HL7

2. Use Developer Community's search and then select Product Documentation to narrow the results. All of the documentation is indexed here.

As for the code samples inline with the documentation, this is great feedback and something we will put some focus on.