Paul Gomez · Mar 16, 2016 1m read

Developer Community Update Thursday March 17th

We will be publishing another update to Developer Community tomorrow, March 17th with the following enhancements and fixes:

** Task
    * [DCE-61] - Give content authors a way to Save Draft
    * [DCE-66] - Fix line wrapping in post listing
    * [DCE-69] - Developer Synchronization: New block for feedback link
    * [DCE-70] - Developer Synchronization: Fix paging for /group
    * [DCE-71] - Developer Synchronization: Main page now filtering Feedback
    * [DCE-72] - Verify that all pages w/right-hand column have the same column dimensions
    * [DCE-73] - Remove "Recent Posts" and "Related Groups" blocks from /groups
    * [DCE-75] - Developer Synchronization: Subscription settings

** Bug
    * [DCE-62] - WYSIWYG editor blocks browser spell check functionality
    * [DCE-63] - Hidden fields in Edit Profile
    * [DCE-65] - Users should not be allowed to personalize blocks
    * [DCE-67] - Post listing possibly still showing MAX(PostDate, LastCommentDate) instead of PostDate
    * [DCE-68] - Comments to Answers need to be threaded
    * [DCE-74] - Authors should be able to edit their own content

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Bravo Paul - looks great!

Love a lot of the aesthetic changes, especially the simplicity of "add comment" and "edit".  Much better than the backwards arrow :)

Can you add the weird issue of CKEdit not wrapping words properly to the bug list? It seems to just wrap lines right in the middle of words now.  I had never noticed this until today, but it's possible it was happening before or maybe it was just something wrong with the two posts I looked at before this one.  I guess we'll find out with this post because it is way longer than necessary just so I could test the issue myself.


p.s. "Join the Conversation" is back? Aggghhhhh! :)

How about adding a DC version identifier somewhere? Perhaps in the page footer?