Hi @Kishan Vaja 

I can't figure out your error message based only on this error message screenshot.

Did you go to the path informed on the error message?

There you can probably see more details about and understand what causes this error.

Now, your question about adding bootstrap to a CSP page. 
Yes, you can add bootstrap to a CSP page.

You can take a look at one of my projects on OpenExchange. 

The IRIS History Monitor it's one of them that uses bootstrap

Hi @Sharafath.Fazil 

I never worked with React Native, but I developed something in Flutter a few years ago.

In my humble opinion, it doesn't matter that much since I'm assuming you'll be consuming data using a REST service to interact with flutter/react-native applications. 

It's up to you :) 

Maybe taking into consideration the pros and cons of each one of them.

Hope that helps.

Hi @Yuri Marx 
I have got a few topics that maybe could help you/help us laugh with the certification exam

InterSystems IRIS Core Solutions Developer Specialist 

Recommended preparation: Complete available IRIS development learning content 





Classroom: Developing with InterSystems Objects and SQL 

    Platforms and Versions

#Development Introduction
    Introduction to classes and methods
    Persistent and serial classes

    Namespaces and databases
    Globals and routines
    System databases
    Naming conventions

    OOP/SQL correspondence
    Classes revisited
    Multiple inheritance
    Class compilation

    Accessor and mutator methods
    Reference properties
    Implicit joins
    Foreign keys
    Cloning objects
    Computed properties

#Unit Testing
    Unit testing

    List collections
    Array collections
    Object collections
    Data population

    Many-to-many relationships
    Performance options

#Streams and Files

    Sets of results
    Embedded SQL
    Dynamic SQL
    SQL stored procedures
    Command line shell
    Other SQL features

#Indexes and Tuning
    Indexing options
    Index types
    Query performance tuning
    Index methods

    Inherited methods
    Scripting languages
    Method attributes
    OOP callback methods
    SQL triggers
    ProcedureBlock methods
    Code mode
    Special method syntax
    Debugging with Studio
    Debugging with ZBreak


Hi @Luiz Henrique Carvalho Martarelli 

You can take a look at this post: Trigger or Callback?

And for more detail information: Using Triggers

If you have interested, the Developer Community has a Discord with a dedicated Channel for Portuguese Speakers. laugh 

Best Regards,