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IRIS Analytics. (DeepSee) is included even in IRIS Community Version by default so you are welcome to try.

3 easiest ways to try:

1. download IRIS Community version as @Robert Cemper mentioned.

2. Launch Try IRIS instance

3. Docker pull the image

4. Run an instance of IRIS on a cloud you like: Azure, AWS, GCP.

You have IRIS Analytics with Community Edition but you probably want to try something working.

Samples BI is not included but could be installed.

The easiest way to install is to use ZPM.

Or even to launch a docker image with ZPM on board and install Samples-BI with one command.

Also, I can recommend trying AnalyzeThis by @Peter Steiwer  - it's a nice tool to generate a cube+pivot+dashboard vs arbitrary csv file.


Logi JReport are currently available for operational reporting as part of InterSystems TrakCare.   InterSystems IRIS Business Intelligence (aka "DeepSee") is available for all InterSystems products for data modeling, exploration and dashboarding.  Evgeny pointed you to all the download information needed for that.  JReport and InterSystems IRIS BI are complimentary as they provide different capabilities.

I am interested in hearing more about your operational reporting requirements.


If you want to try J-Report, here is a link for the trial version: 


For an OpenSource alternative, you can take a look at Jasper Reports Community Edition 


I used to work with Jasper Reports to generate PDF reports for my customers. To connect to InterSystems IRIS, use the ODBC and voilá.

As mentioned by @Carmen Logue , if you tell us your reporting requirements, that should be easier to discuss alternatives.

Thank you very much. Yes JReport trial version does not help much as it is only last 14 days.

Regarding Jasper Report, did you install 'Jaspersoft Studio'? I want to work on JReport Designer,which uses JDBC... I mainly want to master JReport Designer, so I can develop/design report. Therefore, do you think, Jasper Studio would  provide me similar environment? Any lead would be appreciated. Thanks.