· Jul 24, 2020

Examples of trigger


Hello people!

I am Brazilian and I am starting to work with the latest version of CACHE, and I would like to know where I can see an example of a TRIGGER, I would like to validate the fields before writing the actual data in the database.

in advance, thank you very much! and sorry for any mistake in concordance in english

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Hi @Luiz Henrique Carvalho Martarelli 

You can take a look at this post: Trigger or Callback?

And for more detail information: Using Triggers 

If you have interested, the Developer Community has a Discord with a dedicated Channel for Portuguese Speakers. laugh

Best Regards,

Unless things have changed with IRIS I generally prefer to use triggers over any of the object implementations.  Properly defined triggers will be executed whether you are doing an object Save or a SQL INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE.  You may only want to perform the code during object save but I find why not implement the code in a trigger where you know it will always be executed.  Additionally triggers provider  



syntax which is valuable.