· Jul 16, 2020

General question regarding extracting data from a Cache' dB


I am brand new to Cache and have been tasked with extracting data from the dB. I see that there are a bunch of tools that can be used to extract via SQL Server statements. DataGrip and DBeaver to name 2. I've gone through some documentation and it doesn't look as if SSMS can connect directly.  Is there a preferred extraction tool that anyone can recommend. Does the Cache dB have anything built in where I can access the data while seeing a visual of the tables/schema?

Thanks for any advice,

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That's a general problem of a web interface like this.
You start a query but it isn't finished before your fall into a browser timeout.

An easy workaround:

Start a terminal session (terminals don't know about timeout)
and from prompt run SQl.Shell

or for a multi-line statement just start with an empty line and run with GO

It will wait forever until completed