Yone Moreno · Jul 21, 2020

Are there any how-to or FAQs about Objectscript and Healthshare?

It would be interesting if there is some recommended documentation about best practices using Healthshare for interoperability.

Also, some how-tos or frequently asked questions about ObjectScript.

Or event better, if there are experienced developers who would like to share some common habits on their work with Studio / ObjectScript, which are valuable to do the developing work better.

For example, How to get the XML of a class and write it into a REST operation:



Method X(pRequest As Mensajes.ServiciosGeneralRequest, ...){

set writer=##class(%XML.Writer).%New()
set status=writer.OutputToString()
 if $$$ISERR(status)
 do $system.OBJ.DisplayError(status)
 set status=writer.RootObject(pRequest)
 if $$$ISERR(status) Do $system.OBJ.DisplayError(status)
set request = writer.GetXMLString()





We would see:

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