Typically, I have time to review the documentation, which I'm sure is here. However, I have a workaround (TEST1) but I was wondering if anyone could assist me in advising how I would need to adapt the curly brace snippet (TEST2) to provide the same result.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Currently, we are receiving an alert that states, "Write Daemon still on pass 31". It's been that way for a few hours.

I was wondering if it is possible to identify what the WD has left to work on so that we can see how we can reduce this and possibly identify if there are issues with the way something is written.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Currently, we are running 2014.1 on two different servers (OpenVMS, RHEL). The plan is to transition from OpenVMS to RHEL, but our Write Daemon is in a Troubled state on both servers.

On the OpenVMS server, we have a WIJ file that's 26G and can grow to 40G (size of database cache). Since it hasn't grown to 40G, we don't believe the size of the WIJ file to be the issue.

What else should we be looking at regarding the performance of the Write Daemon?

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I came across How to import a tab separated text file into a SQL table programmatically?, which appears to indicate that I can pass the filename and all records will be imported. However, when I put use the Import method only a single record gets imported. However, all records are imported if I use the management console to import the file by selecting it and choosing the options.

Has anyone ran into this in the past?

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We will be transitioning from a server running HP OpenVMS to one running RHEL 7. The main question some of the team had was what would be the best method for moving the globals to the new system.

Also, I was wondering if any others have transitioned from OpenVMS to RHEL. If so, were there any kinks that we should be aware of prior to transition?

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Recently, we scheduled two tasks (1008 and 1009) within Task Manager. Task ID 1008 is set to run after Purge Tasks (%SYS-ID:3), and Task 1009 is set to run at 7:00:00 each day.

In attempt to provide as much detail as possible, each of the tasks are as follows:

  • Task 1008

    WHILE (($p($h,",",2) < $ZTH("10:00 PM")) && ($P($g(^Task.1008(+$h,$j)),"^",1) = +$h)) { J ^ROUTINE, ^ROUTINE2 D SUB^ROUTINE3 H 5 }

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Currently, we are utilizing batch jobs at the OS level to kick off routines that watch for files. We are trying to convert these processes to be performed by the Task Manager.

The routines have while loops and perform while loops so long as the time parameters are being met.

What's the best way to ensure Task Manager kicks them off after the completion of the shutdown/backup/start process is performed, which we do nightly? I want to ensure that it starts it regardless of the time that we've set.

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Please excuse my ignorance. I am trying to identify what areas would be best to review in the System Dashboard (for Cache 2010.2) for performance issues with the database. It seems to be running slower than usual, but I am trying to find out the best way to go about identifying what the issue is.

The following are captures from the System Dashboard.

As always, thanks a lot for your help.

System Dashboard

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