Mack Altman · Mar 19, 2018

What sends Write Daemon into Troubled status?

Currently, we are running 2014.1 on two different servers (OpenVMS, RHEL). The plan is to transition from OpenVMS to RHEL, but our Write Daemon is in a Troubled state on both servers.

On the OpenVMS server, we have a WIJ file that's 26G and can grow to 40G (size of database cache). Since it hasn't grown to 40G, we don't believe the size of the WIJ file to be the issue.

What else should we be looking at regarding the performance of the Write Daemon?

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The 'troubled' state you're referring to is the state listed in the portal's system dashboard, correct?

This is likely to be due to the write daemon not completing a pass in a timely fashion.  I'd start by checking the cconsole.log for any messages about the write daemon.