Mack Altman · May 2, 2018

Is it possible to identify the work left for the current pass of write daemon?

Currently, we are receiving an alert that states, "Write Daemon still on pass 31". It's been that way for a few hours.

I was wondering if it is possible to identify what the WD has left to work on so that we can see how we can reduce this and possibly identify if there are issues with the way something is written.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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You can run mgstat, for some time, and look what happens. It has a lot of metrics, some about WD state

I know that mgstat has the queue size, blocks updated, and phase. What I'm looking for is more what is left in the queue. As of now, the WD is still on the same phase (1h and 6m later).

I agree with Andrew that this is complex enough that you'll get better answers by talking to the WRC.   In addition, I'd also recommend taking a Buttons or CacheHung report quickly, so that you have the cstat data to look at later if the problem clears up.  If it clears up before you collect any data, there likely won't be much anyone can say.

Mack, there are multiple possibilities for why the write daemon is still on pass 31.  I recommend contacting InterSystems Support at 617-621-0700 or for assistance resolving this, especially if it is impacting users in any way.