· Oct 11, 2017

Best method to transfer from OpenVMS to RHEL

We will be transitioning from a server running HP OpenVMS to one running RHEL 7. The main question some of the team had was what would be the best method for moving the globals to the new system.

Also, I was wondering if any others have transitioned from OpenVMS to RHEL. If so, were there any kinks that we should be aware of prior to transition?

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If you are moving from Caché on OpenVMS to Caché on RHEL 7, you can just move the CACHE.DAT files with FTP. That will move everything globals and data.

You want to have a clean shutdown of Caché before moving the file. You need to use binary FTP. If your OpenVMS system uses MultiNet rather than TCP/IP services for OpenVMS, be warned that the MultiNet FTP server pays attention to the OpenVMS file attributes even on binary transfers, so be sure your CACHE.DAT has RFM:FIX,RAT:NONE, and MRS: and LRL: as some power of 2 between 512 and 16384 (inclusive).

The most common problem, is for customers who previously transitioned from DSM on OpenVMS to Caché on OpenVMS, and used the DSM compatibility $ZF() functions. These do not exist for Caché for other platforms. In fact a few sites, that never used DSM may have discovered these calls, and they may have infiltrated into your code.

Hi Mack,

there are a couple of ways to move the installation across.

One very simple way is by ,as already has been mentioned, shutting down cache and then copy the cache.dat files across for example using ftp.

Another way is using the build-in backup utility to take a backup and restore the backup on your new system,. this does not require a shutdown of cache on either side.

Also make sure you grep a copy of the original cache.cpf file as this contains all the database,namespace and mapping information.

You can easily enough modify the new cache.cpf file accordingly (although this requires then a cache restart to activate the changes).