Anastasia Dyubaylo · Nov 29, 2021

InterSystems Security Contest: Voting time!

Hey Developers,

This week is a voting week for the InterSystems Security contest! So, it's time to give your vote to the best solutions built with InterSystems IRIS.

🔥 You decide: VOTING IS HERE 🔥

How to vote? Details below.

Experts nomination:

InterSystems experienced jury will choose the best apps to nominate the prizes in the Experts Nomination. Please welcome our experts:

⭐️  @Andreas Dieckow, Principal Product Manager
⭐️  @Bob Kuszewski, Product Manager
⭐️  @Raj Singh, Product Manager
⭐️  @Sean Klingensmith, Senior Systems Developer
⭐️  @Wanqing Chen, Systems Developer
⭐️  @Pravin Barton,  Developer
⭐️  @Timothy Leavitt, Development Manager
⭐️  @Francois Le Floch, Senior Solutions Engineer
⭐️  @Marc Mundt, Senior Sales Engineer
⭐️  @Eduard Lebedyuk, Sales Engineer
⭐️  @Alberto Fuentes, Sales Engineer
⭐️  @Guillaume Rongier, Sales Engineer
⭐️  @Evgeny Shvarov, Developer Ecosystem Manager

Community nomination:

For each user, a higher score is selected from two categories below:


1st 2nd 3rd
If you have an article posted on DC and an app uploaded to Open Exchange (OEX) 9 6 3
If you have at least 1 article posted on DC or 1 app uploaded to OEX 6 4 2
If you make any valid contribution to DC (posted a comment/question, etc.) 3 2 1



1st 2nd 3rd
VIP Global Masters level or ISC Product Managers 15 10 5
Ambassador GM level 12 8 4
Expert GM level or DC Moderators 9 6 3
Specialist GM level 6 4 2
Advocate GM level or ISC Employees 3 2 1

Blind vote!

The number of votes for each app will be hidden from everyone. Once a day we will publish the leaderboard in the comments to this post. 

The order of projects on the Contest Page will be as follows: the earlier an application was submitted to the competition, the higher it will be in the list.

P.S. Don't forget to subscribe to this post (click on the bell icon) to be notified of new comments.

To take part in the voting, you need:

  1. Sign in to Open Exchange – DC credentials will work.
  2. Make any valid contribution to the Developer Community – answer or ask questions, write an article, contribute applications on Open Exchange – and you'll be able to vote. Check this post on the options to make helpful contributions to the Developer Community.

If you changed your mind, cancel the choice and give your vote to another application!

Support the application you like!

Note: contest participants are allowed to fix the bugs and make improvements to their applications during the voting week, so don't miss and subscribe to application releases!

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I liked the new expert method to choose the best apps, congrats!

So! After the first day of the voting we have:

Expert Nomination, Top 3

  1. iris-disguise by @Henry Pereira
  2. IRIS Middlewares by @davi massaru teixeira muta
  3. zap-api-scan-sample by @José Roberto Pereira

➡️ Voting is here.

Community Nomination, Top 3

  1. Server Manager 3.0 Preview by @John Murray
  2.  passwords-tool by @Dmitry.Maslenniko
  3. iris-disguise by @Henry Pereira

➡️ Voting is here.

Experts, we are waiting for your votes! 🔥

Participants, improve & promote your solutions!

Here are the results after 2 days of voting:

Expert Nomination, Top 3

  1. iris-disguise by @Henry Pereira
  2. Server Manager 3.0 Preview by @John Murray 
  3. zap-api-scan-sample by @José Roberto Pereira

➡️ Voting is here.

Community Nomination, Top 3

  1. iris-disguise by @Henry Pereira
  2.  Server Manager 3.0 Preview by @John Murray
  3.  passwords-tool by @Dmitry Maslennikov 

➡️ Voting is here.

So, the voting continues.

Please support the application you like!

In the expert vote, how many points are computed for each expert's vote?

Hey Yuri, I don't have this info. But from my point of view, it's pointless to know that, since we don't have the information of "current points". 
They changed the way of showing that for a reason, and this is where the fun lives. It will be a thriller until the end, and that's ok.  laugh


Only 3 days left till the end of the voting period. Please support our participants with your votes! 

At the moment we have next results:

Expert Nomination, Top 3

  1. iris-disguise by @Henry Pereira
  2. iris-saml-example by @Dmitry Maslennikov
  3. zap-api-scan-sample by @José Roberto Pereira

➡️ Voting is here.

Community Nomination, Top 3

  1. iris-disguise by @Henry Pereira
  2.  zap-api-scan-sample by @José Roberto Pereira
  3. API Security Mediato by @Yuri Marx

➡️ Voting is here.

Have a good weekend)