· Nov 15, 2021

Technology Bonuses for InterSystems Security Contest 2021

Hi Developers!

Here're the technology bonuses for the Security Contest 2021 that will give you extra points in the voting:

  • Basic Authentication usage - 2
  • Bearer/JWT Authentication usage - 3
  • OAuth 2.0 usage - 5
  • Authorization components usage - 2
  • Auditing usage - 2
  • Data Encryption usage - 2
  • Docker container usage - 2 
  • ZPM Package deployment - 2
  • Online Demo - 2
  • Code Quality pass - 1
  • Article on Developer Community - 2
  • Video on YouTube - 3

See the details below.<--break-><--break->

Basic Authentication usage - 2 points

Implement basic authentication (user, password) in your application with InterSystems IRIS as a backend. The backend can be e.g. a REST-API web application.

Bearer/JWT Authentication usage - 3 points

Implement bearer or token authentication in your application with InterSystems IRIS as a backend. The backend can be a REST-API web application.

OAuth 2.0 usage - 5

Implement OAuth 2.0 authentication in your application as a client and collect 5 bonus points! We expect the sign-in to your app e.g. via Google or GitHub users.

Learn more in the Documentation

Authorization components usage - 2

InterSystems Authorisation is built with concepts of Users, Roles, and Resources. (learn more in the documentation). Implement it in your app to collect 2 more expert points.

Auditing usage - 2

InterSystems IRIS provides the auditing capability - logging of system or user-defined events, Documentation. Your application can earn 2 more bonus points if it contains code that uses the Auditing feature of InterSystems IRIS.

Data Encryption usage - 2

InterSystems IRIS provides the option of database data encryption. Use it in your application programmatically and collect 2 extra bonus points. Learn more in the documentation.

Docker container usage - 2 points

The application gets a 'Docker container' bonus if it uses InterSystems IRIS  running in a docker container. Here is the simplest template to start from.

ZPM Package deployment - 2 points

You can collect the bonus if you build and publish the ZPM(ObjectScript Package Manager) package for your Full-Stack application so it could be deployed with:

zpm "install your-multi-model-solution"

command on IRIS with ZPM client installed. 

ZPM client. Documentation.

Online Demo of your project - 2 points
Collect 3 more bonus points if you provision your project to the cloud as an online demo. You can do it on your own or you can use this template - here is an Example. Here is the video on how to use it.

Code quality pass with zero bugs - 1 point

Include the code quality Github action for code static control and make it show 0 bugs for ObjectScript. 

Article on Developer Community - 2 points

Post an article on Developer Community that describes the features of your project. Collect 2 points for each article. Translations to different languages work too.

Video on YouTube - 3 points

Make the Youtube video that demonstrates your product in action and collect 3 bonus points per each. Example.

The list of bonuses is subject to change. Stay tuned!

Good luck in the competition!

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