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Hello Ruslan, 

You are correct, DisplayToLogical() is not called automatically when saving an object. When you are manipulating an object using ObjectScript, the assumption is that the value you are dealing with is already a logical value. If you need to convert from a display value, you can do so explicitly. For instance, if you have a the following class:

Class Test.MyClass Extends %Persistent
Property MyDate As %Date;

You can convert from display to internal using either of the following:

set myobj = ##class(Test.MyClass).%New()
set myobj.MyDate = ##class(%Date).DisplayToLogical(value)
set myobj.MyDate = ##class(Test.MyClass).MyDateDisplayToLogical(value)

Hello David,

Can you double check that you have the port forwarding set up correctly when you start the container? This is the error you will get if you try to connect via JDBC to a port that was forwarded to something other than the instance's SuperServer port. The SuperServer port is 1972. For instance, if you start the container with:

docker run -p 51776:1972 -p 52776:52773

You should be able to connect using the connection string: "jdbc:IRIS://localhost:51776/USER/". In general, you should be able to connect via JDBC to the community edition containers.

Hello Scott,

The error is occurring because Caché does not have the certificate chain needed to verify the certificate used by the remote system. The error is:

Error: 20, unable to get local issuer certificate

The first certificate it is missing is:

Issuer: /C=GB/ST=Greater Manchester/L=Salford/O=Comodo CA Limited/CN=AAA Certificate Services

The SSL/TLS configuration has been configured to look for trusted certificates in the file: '/ensemble/TestClin/mgr/LDAPKeyStore/OSUWMC_CA.cer'. This should contain all the certificates in the certificate chain needed for the remote certificate, in PEM encoded format. See the documentation here for more information:

I hope this helps!

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