The first character on each new line of a Caché routine needs to be a label or function name.  Add a tab to the beginning of each of your lines and I will bet you'll find it works better :)

Scott - I am sure Evgeny will provide some clarification here once he gets online.  Thanks for your patience!

Thanks for your patience Scott - it's no question that this has been a little bumpy ;)  But I am confident that we will get there.


There was an attempt in the past to try custom but it didn't suceed.  Why re-invent the wheel when there are already mature platforms out there?

The use of Confluence came after the Drupal deployment was already launched.  It is a fairly new tool within US team at InterSystems.

I am doing the same thing as Stefan.  It is far from perfect currently but better than nothing.  We're working on a better specification for email subscription updates.

Ahhh ... thanks Evgeny - that is the easier way I was missing :)  We might want to have the button renamed from "Upload file" to "Upload/Insert Image" as that would make it much more intuitive.

I am going to answer my own question with a nice workaround that I found:

1) Save the image locally

2) Upload the image to the post you are authoring (you need to click "Change Additional Settings" to get to the Upload option

3) Under Associated Documents there is a link to the new image that was uploaded - right-click it and save the url

4) Now go to the Image icon in your post and paste in the url to the image you just uploaded

This allows you to not have to mess with 3rd party file hosting systems.  However it is still very ugly compared to just pasting an image into the editor :(  Hopefully this will be made easier at some point in the future.

NOTE:  Unfortunately this workaround can't be used to add an image to a comment.

I am having a really hard time embedding an image in a post.  I tried uploading to Google Drive and give view rights to the world but adding a link to it or even editing the HTML to put it in an iframe isn't working.  Is there a simpler way I am missing?