I have "On Updates" and "On Comments" checkboxes on that page for all of my subscriptions.  Perhaps because I am signed up for individual emails (which may have more subscription options) and you are signed up for a Digest? (or perhaps maybe not - I tried changing to Digest and still see the "On Updates" checkboxes.

I think a Community Admin needs to weigh in because I don't know why your settings are different.

Thank you for the update Evgeny!

I have feedback on the emails - it seems that the new comments are shown as threaded instead of reverse posting order in the email, which means you have to do a lot more scrolling and check timestamps in order to tell where the new content is.  It would be great if it could go back to the reverse threading in the old emails which made it much faster to see what the new content was.  

Also, there seems to be some CSS impacting the layout of the emails for mobile devices. The content doesn't flow nicely but goes off of the right side of the screen, requiring horizontal and vertical scrolling or zooming out to the point it's hard to read on the phone.  If someone could look into fixing that it would be most appreciated.

I apologize - I thought it was possible to add Tags to Answers, but I guess not.  The Code Sample tag would need to be added by Marc to the original question.

Bravo! Make sure to tag this as "Code Sample" so people can find it easily in the future

If you look at the %Library.File:FileSet() query and the %Library.File:Delete() method I think you could probably convert this to an OS-independent solution in about 10 min or less :)  Just sort the FileSet() query results by DateCreated and then stop processing the files once you get to the cutoff date for what you want to keep :) 

Thanks Rob - all very interesting stuff :)  I'll leave it to Product Management to weigh in on the server-side JS.