In fact, most COS programming guidelines that I have seen expressly forbid the use of GOTO since it makes the code harder to support.

Why would you want to limit it as the only formatting language used?  That would make it more difficult for people to add marked-up posts and could be a barrier to entry for people.  Providing different options makes it more accessible for people to  participate.


Is this always strickly the case?  Any web application that wants to add new UI capabilities which rely on REST needs to create a new csp application in order to do so?  


Scott - even though you may not have access to the SAMPLES namespace, you can still look at Caché samples.  Go to and pull down a free single-user version of Caché and then you will have full access to everything that ships with Caché in your own local playspace ;)

2016.1 is scheduled for release extremely soon (barring the last minute discovery of show-stopper bugs)

I believe you can take paramaters for %Installer from a config file so you could make a page which creates the config file with the customer name, etc. 

See and the attachment

Scott - have you looked at %Installer?  That should be the first place that you start for trying to create a deployment from scratch.  This is how Ensemble, HealthShare and TrakCare instances get initialized by the installer and I know a lot of customers have used this with great success.

Also, the Enterprise Manager which is coming out in 2016.2 may be of interest in this area as well.