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RELOAD=1 should work. Once the configuration is reloaded the line with RELOAD=1 will be removed automatically.
Registry functions to control Webgateway from within IRIS will work *after* the Webgateway is registered on the IRIS instance. That happens during the first/initial connection/request. It works, even if Webgateway is on a different machine/system. Please note: registry functions could be disabled in the Webgateway-Configuration. (default = enabled)

Hi Ralf,
unfortunately you did not provide the policy.

It should look like this: (in Wizard, pick "Username Authentication over SSL/TLS" - leave everything else on the defaults!)

 <cfg:configuration xmlns:cfg="" xmlns:sp="" xmlns:wsap="" xmlns:wsp="" name="service">
  <cfg:service classname="[your webservice-class]">
          <sp:UsernameToken sp:IncludeToken="">

In SOAPUI, enable WS-Addressing. Below the request-message there is a small button-line starting with [Auth] ... here you also find [WS-A] where you can find a checkbox to enable it.
Add the WS-A to the request. Right click on the request-message -> "WS-A headers"-> "Add WS-A headers".
Right click on request-message you can Add "WSS UsernameToken" and "WS-Timestamp" if you do not have configured that otherwise in general.

This works for me.

Please note: SOAP-logging (with "iosv" flags) is always a good help.


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