· Nov 2, 2020

Hi All,

I know hundreds of people have done this but I'm looking for some DTL's as a start to do HL7 to FHIR, I appreciate everyone's HL7 is slightly different, but just some starter DTL's would be much appreciated? Can anyone help?


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Hi All,

It must be the groundhog days but I can't solve something that I know I've done before. I have a legacy CSP page on a version of Cache without JSON and just pure Cache.

I need a CSP page that takes a .xlsx file, manipulates the file (in COS) and then returns a new manipulated file.

My CSP Page gets the file fine, the problem is then returning the response with the new file as an attachment. I don't want to pipe to a new csp page with a different content-type so was sure I can set %response.Headers etc to get the reply stream I want.

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· Dec 5, 2019


I've heard from two different sources the SMP (or parts of it) and for sure the DTL front end (in studio? via SMP?) have been rewritten to be more modern. But on a latest IRIS Community download everything looks the same to me. Am I missing something or is this Marketting Spin?

Hopefully I won't get banned for this post aswell......

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I believe the healthshare Debug module did this (if you added it) but I no longer have access to Healthshare to look so am asking here.

Suppose I have;

Set fruit="apple"

set person="john"

d ..Something(fruit, person)


ClassMethod Something(objs...) {

; Names of variables passed in


In side "Something" how can I see the original name of the variable passed in (i.e. know the variables passed in were called fruit and person and not just their values).

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I have a permanent job opportunity which would ideally suit someone from Europe who want's to experience the UK (initially London), the requirements are fluent in Cache Objects, SQL, XML, Integration, English Language and be self motivated with a desire to experience London.

I am NOT a recruitment agency and will offer personal help in relocation and culture differencies to handle moving countries.

I do not offer a relocation package but will offer advice, guidance and help in relocation.

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· Nov 2, 2016
Healthshare FHIR Subscriptions

Hello All,

Having a recent project to create a FHIR repository, I want to know (as looking at the code) if HealthShare FHIR implementaton supports subscriptions?. I know it records the subscriptions ok, BUT does it handle sending the subscription out (based on the tags) to an endpoint (i.e. when a new FHIR request commits data that would trigger the subscription) ?, I'm 50% it doesn't, but would rather find out for sure before shoe horning something in.


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· Oct 10, 2016
Telepath PMEP File

Hello All,

Does anyone have a specification for Telepath PMEP file formats?

They look like this

01|XXX|005|MIC|XXX Microbiology & Mycology|123456|25.08.16 15:06|
03|F|SURNAME|FORNAME|111222333|MRN1|01.01.1950|52 Some Lane|Somewhere|||AA11 1AB|MRN1|01.01.1950

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