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   I've heard from two different sources the SMP (or parts of it) and for sure the DTL front end (in studio? via SMP?) have been rewritten to be more modern.  But on a latest IRIS Community download everything looks the same to me.  Am I missing something or is this Marketting Spin?




  Hopefully I won't get banned for this post aswell......


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Hello Paul,

I'm not sure about DTLs specifically, but I'm seeing the latest community edition as 2019.4 which has the new SMP design. I tried my 2019.3 community edition which also has the new SMP.

What version are you looking at?

The very recent version of IRIS available only as a Docker image, at the moment version 2019.4. The version available for any other platform on the download page is just 2019.1.

Look how SMP looks side by side in 2019.1 and 2019.4